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Preparation is the key and the foundation of all quality workmanship. Without the correct preparation it is pointless proceeding any further with any tasks because all the subsequent work will fail and break down before your very eyes, often within a few weeks or months you'll notice a significant difference.

Correct Preparation is a Must Have!


The final finish is what we aim for and nothing less than perfection is accepted.

We understand though that everybody has a budget and we aim to give you the best possible finish within that budget often giving you a better finish than the one quoted for.


  • Corridors, Hallways, Stairs and Landings

  • Basements, Garages and Cellars

  • Bedrooms, Bathrooms and Shower Rooms

  • ​Games Rooms, Cinema Rooms and Music Rooms 

  • ​Coving, Cornice, Centre Pieces, Spindles and Doors

  • Pool Rooms, Saunas and Changing Rooms

  • Kitchens, Pantries, Utility and Garden Rooms

  • ​Porches, Laundry Rooms, Vestibules and Toilets

  • Living Rooms, Dayrooms and Conservatories  

  • ​Attic Rooms, Lofts, Offices and Orangeries 

  • Lounges, Dining Rooms, Snugs, Halls and Studies

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